We service  customers and repair shops nationwide. Most of the advanced repairs that we perform are not something done by your average repair shop. If you are not local and want to send your device in for repair, please fill out the form below, print it out, and include it in the package along with your device. We will work on your device as soon as it arrives and ship it back to you the next business day after the repair is complete


Fill out the form below and answer few questions about your device.


Print out the form and mail it along with your device
Ship To Tekkies Repair
972 S Bartlett Rd Bartlett IL 60103


We start working on your device within 24 hours,. Pay only if it’s Fixed. Package ships out same day after fixing.

International shipping restrictions, terms, and conditions

Firstly, if you live outside the United States: I would highly suggest you find a local repair shop! Dealing with customs and international shipping adds cost and time, and we cannot guarantee delivery times on international shipments. That being said, if you want to send something to us, outside the United States:

  1. We do not cover shipping, either way, whether or not we repair it.
  2. We do not cover shipping, even on warranty issues. return shipping, even on warranty issues, is the responsibility of the customer.
  3. If a device is lost in transit either way, we are not liable or accountable, on any shipments outside the United States.

These terms may seem harsh – and if you find them to be, I reiterate: if you live outside the United States: I would highly suggest you find a local repair shop! If you are outside the United States, we are NOT a good option, are not trying to convince you that we are, and suggest you look elsewhere before sending us a device under those terms. We have found that customs offices and international post offices are constantly losing packages and destroying parcels: and we simply do not wish to accept liability or the increased costs of these transactions.

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