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Tekkies Repair does not require an appointment. Simply come into our repair shop and we’ll perform a diagnosis on your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air laptop computer. We have the knowledge, expertise and use state of the art equipment and techniques to ensure your Macbook is repaired fast and running like new again. We are one of the very few repair shops that fixes Macbook pro and macbook air motherboards on a professional level. If your Macbook pro Or macbook air is water damaged, battery not charging, Macbook has no power, Loud Fan, Macbook Heat problems, Macbook display issues, Macbook no Wifi hardware Detected, Macbook Panic Messages, White screen, gray screen, black screen, question mark or folder appears on bootup, Or your macbook has a broken screen, Macbook hard drive HDD or SSD problems, or your Macbook laptop computer has a faulty component of any kind, we have the knowledge and expertise to fix it at a fraction of the cost of what apple would charge. 

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We want every customer to have a positive experience at NorthridgeFix no matter what the situation is. We look at these situations as an opportunity to earn a customer for life

60 Days Warranty

We offer 60 day warranty on all repairs. If for any reason an issue from the original work order reccurs within 60 days, we will perform the service again at no extra charge.

Fast repairs

We offer same day repairs unless the severity of the damage warrants longer time

Friendly Staff

Respect is Free and is invaluable to our business. We earned it through exceptional quality work and customer service. We are always here to answers your questions and no customer is left unsatisfied.

Quality parts

Unless requested by the customer, we only use OEM quality parts.

Great pricing

Competition lures customers with lower prices by providing cheap parts that will break faster and cost the customer more in the long run. Not all parts are created equal. We use quality parts and provide you with unmatched service at prices that is hard to beat

Macbook Pro / Macbook Air / iMac / Mini Repair

  • Macbook Pro Motherboard Repair
  • Macbook Pro Broken screen Repair
  • Macbook Pro Hard Drive repair
  • Macbook Pro HDD / SSD Replacement
  • Macbook Pro Wifi Repair
  • Macbook Pro Data Recovery
  • Macbook Pro Fan and overheat repair
  • Macbook Pro Memory Upgrades
  • Macbook Pro Virus Cleanup
  • Macbook Pro OSX software repair recovery
  • Macbook Pro no power repair
  • Macbook Pro no charger green light
  • Macbook Pro Battery No detected
  • Macbook Pro Battery NO charging
  • Macbook Pro Dim Screen Backlight repair
  • Macbook Pro High CPU Usage repair
  • Macbook Pro EFI / Login password unlock
  • Macbook Pro boot camp install windows

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