Macbook Liquid Damage Repair Affordable

Macbook Liquid damage repair

Macbook Liquid damage repair

Tekkies Repair does not require an appointment. Simply come into our repair shop and we’ll perform a diagnosis on your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air laptop computer. We have the knowledge, expertise and use state of the art equipment and techniques to ensure your Macbook is repaired fast and running like new again. We are one of the very few repair shops that fixes Macbook pro and macbook air motherboards on a professional level. If your Macbook pro Or macbook air is water damaged, battery not charging, Macbook has no power, Loud Fan, Macbook Heat problems, Macbook display issues, Macbook no Wifi hardware Detected, Macbook Panic Messages, White screen, gray screen, black screen, question mark or folder appears on bootup, Or your macbook has a broken screen, Macbook hard drive HDD or SSD problems, or your Macbook laptop computer has a faulty component of any kind, we have the knowledge and expertise to fix it at a fraction of the cost of what apple would charge.

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Macbook / Air Liquid Damage Repair

  • Macbook Air Motherboard Repair
  • Macbook Air Broken screen Repair
  • Macbook Air Hard Drive repair
  • Macbook Air HDD / SSD Replacement
  • Macbook Air Wifi Repair
  • Macbook Air Data Recovery
  • Macbook Air Fan and overheat repair
  • Macbook Air Memory Upgrades
  • Macbook Air Virus Cleanup
  • Macbook Air OSX software repair recovery
  • Macbook Air no power repair
  • Macbook Air no charger green light
  • Macbook Air Battery No detected
  • Macbook Air Battery NO charging
  • Macbook Air Dim Screen Backlight repair
  • Macbook Air High CPU Usage repair
  • Macbook Air EFI / Login password unlock
  • etc...
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